AF microadjustment - what happens to focal lengths in the middle?

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Re: Excerpt from the 5MD3 manual

Horshack wrote:

riknash wrote:

Horshack wrote:

Hidden in a footnote at the bottom of Page 108:

"When shooting with the intermediate range (focal length) of a zoom lens, the AF's point of focus is corrected relative to the adjustments made for the wide-angle and telephoto ends. Even if only the wide-angle or telephoto end has been adjusted, a correction will be made automatically for the intermediate range."

If you look at the EXIF info when shooting in the midrange, you'll see that an intermediate MFA value was used.

Which utility are you using? I just checked some 6D images with exiftool and I see both the wide/tele configured values but not an intermediate value when I selected the middle of the zoom range.

On the 70-200/2.8II, MFA is W-8, T-1. Shooting at 100mm, reviewing the image on camera, it indicates a +7MFA was used. I do believe that is the value which shows up on DPP.

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