best sd cards , what are you using

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Re: best sd cards , what are you using

I have tried several different types of cards at varying speed ratings. For my nx200 I think from past experience timing tests and talking with others on this forum its would seem my Patriot 32GB class 10 suffice its maximum capabilities to write to the card. I tried a sony or samsung UHS-1 but the card didnt play well with my camera. Took it back and got a patriot 32GB class 10. I tried a sandisk extreme 16GB, no change in write times to the card. Took it back and got a patriot 32GB class 10 (I have like 7 of them now!)

Updating to the latest firmware was prolly the biggest benefit in write times ( I was a stick in the mud keeping fw v1.02)

The only benefit of my camera working well with a faster (write) card would be the files will offload from my card reader to computer much quicker. ah the late Doris Day would say que sera, sera.

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