Imaging-Resource "Technology Of The Year Award" Fuji X-Trans Sensor

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Re: Imaging-Resource "Technology Of The Year Award" Fuji X-Trans Sensor

samhain wrote:

It's nice to see someone finally show support to Fuji for their sensor innovation. Imo it's a big deal for a camera company to stray from the Bayer sensors & come up with something on their own.
I thought more software companies would've supported Fuji's innovation right out of the gate. I never expected companies like adobe, aperture, etc to give Fuji/X-trans the cold shoulder the way they did.
I also expected photog & camera websites/ blogs(like dpreview,Steve huff, zack arias, etc) to speak up in support of fuji and put public pressure on those software companies to fully support the sensor. But not one of them did.
I wouldn't be suprised if x-trans becomes the next bayer in the future.

I hugely agree with your comment. Reviews for the X-mount are decidedly, great images, but no support for software, or Raw is soso using silky Pix +autofocus / all other issues.

While innovation is not for innovation sake, we must give credit for companies striving to hit new grounds, whether its the Sony RX1 or down to the Galaxy Phone / Camera. This also includes the Fuji X-series which is form and function with the best sensor.

If anything it should push Canon and Nikon to not just pump out incremental MP increases and autofocus improvements or FPS stats.

Companies striving for innovation (not marketing driven incremental trickle-throughs) should be cheered MUCH MORE by the industry.

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