Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...


Regarding your movable adapter for your 4x5 back that uses the same principle as this new device, can i ask a bunch of questions:

How far you can shift the back horizontally using your NEX-7 before the angle becomes to extreme and it starts to obscure the field of view (because of the distance of the sensor from the back mount, I imagine it becomes obscured at some point, especially with the added Canon mount adaptor that pushes it further away).

If the effective "format" is less than the 4x5 back b/c you do run out of real estate at the edges due to the above, I imagine there is a crop factor when using a 4x5 lens--how has that worked out? Can you use say a 135mm 4x5 lens or are you limited to wider angle lenses?

Have you ever noticed any color shift type symptoms on your NEX-7 when at the extreme ends of the shift (like people experience with wide angle rangefinder lenses on the NEX-7) as I assume you are using a traditional 4x5 film lens and not using a lens designed for a digital back?

Have you ever used it on an outdoor landscape and how well does a stitch come together with wind and clouds etc.?

How fast can you take 8 shots like this?

Finally, how do you find composing a whole photo when you only have a fractional view of the whole thing?


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