Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.


Ok Richard. I've given you my mini kit list. Can you please put together something simliar so we can have a look at it? Don't forget though, you have to use FF lenses to keep the migration path to FF open.

This is true, and those lenses are bigger no doubt. And true they must be FF lenses (at least on the Canon, Nikon DX lenses work perfectly on a FF camera.

As for your advantages, OM-D has a touch screen, more than enough lenses, more than enough battery life.

Does not take away the advantage even if you don't use it. I would always have longer battery life.

I've never seen the purple flare issue.

Others have and have posted, It is an issue.

An issue of which I'm certain you are most knowledgeable about? I don't think so. If you consider that quirk to be an example of a terrible quality, then I presume you would also consider that the banding often found in Canons, or the oily sensors of Nikon are also examples of terrible quality? I bet you don't. Do you know why? Because you have no interest in assessing these things objectively. You only want "your side" to win.

Bigger sensor is for me actually not an advantage.

Maybe not for you but this is a comparison as to which you go with when the split becomes between cell phone camera and brick.

Dunno what you mean about lens view or live view as the OM-D also has EVF+LCD.

Sorry, that is not the same as looking through the lens.

I've used both OVF and EVF. I prefer the EVF slightly, but both are fine. Not sure exactly what magic you think the OVF provides.

In short, you got nothing.

For you, but the camera is clearly superior, it is less expensive, you don't need to buy an extra battery for it or a flash because it is built in.

What camera? So far you've been diligently avoiding putting together a kit to compare.

And why would I need to buy a flash?

It's like arguing that a Ferrari can go faster than everything else, when there's speed limits. Also, as I pointed out, I've been using a DSLR for the last 5 years. I did actually balance up the pros and cons before I bought the OM-D.

Good for you, that is why I said, no one will change your mind, it could be the best camera on the planet and you would poo poo it in favor of the Oly and say, it is good enough for me.

There's your mistake. You seem to be under the impression that the "best camera on earth" could actually exist, but all cameras are compromises. You choose the one which works the best for you.

I am honored you dragged me to a new thread but really, it is a waste of time. I own Nikon and Canon and mirrorless is a step down for me and you are sold on the Oly, to each his own but regardless of what you think, there is not that big of a difference in size. And at that point, I grab the camera phone which there is a huge difference.

I guess I'll just have to put a kit together myself. You keep suggesting Canon. We'll start there.

So, weathersealed, cheapest, replacement for the OM-D

Looks like the 7D is the one. $1350 aus

Now for the 60mm Macro. We need one about 80-85mm or so. It has to shoot 2:1 to match the 60mm 1:1.

Doesn't seem to be anything really suitable. Getting bored looking so we'll have to settle for a non-weathersealed Sigma 70mm with 1:1 on FF capability. $599

And for the weathersealed 12-50. This is just a cheap kit zoom, so it should be easy. We need a 16 - 70 or so.

Hmmm. Nearest lens I can find is the Canon EF-S 15-85mm. That's an improvement in focal length, but it's not weathersealed. Damn expensive too. $1000

And for the Fisheye - We'll go with a Sigma $750

So, OM-D Mini kit = 962 grams

Canon APSC = 2435 grams, and if I go Canon I lose weathersealing and some of the magnification of my macro. I do gain a little bit of FOV in the standard zoom.

Cost $3700 for the Canon, $2700 for the Oly kit.

Now, you can probably shave a bit off the Canon kit. That standard zoom lens is awfully expensive for example. However, so far we still haven't even achieved weather proofing with that kit, nor have we stuck with FF lenses to future proof for FF adoption.

We won't look at what happens when we add a long lens for wildlife.

As I said. I was after a versatile kit. Mirrorless provided that very nicely. I can build it up or down to suit. I can go for pocketable, and take the OM-D+12-50 and 60mm in jacket pockets, or a little bit larger and take those + a third lens in my iPad case, or build it up to a moderate kit in a small Lowepro sling, or take everything, including the old DSLR kit as backup in a Kata 3n1.

Now, perhaps you can have some perspective on how other people do photography. For you, a Canon may be perfect. For me, it looks like a very poor choice.

Now the Nikon D7100 however.......

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