What is the best next step from a D300S

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Re: What is the best next step from a D300S

yray wrote:

Gdepatoul wrote:

Thanks for this.

I am conscious of the weight issue of lenses (already own a 80-200 2.8, but very old and AF is dead). the issue is even acerbated by the fact that I am more used to walk around with the do-it-all 18-200mm, and I know taht going from DX to FX, there is a greater need to carry 2 lenses. Reason why I was hesitant to acquire a D700, and willing to consider the D800 for more cropping (event though not ideal).

Is the AF issue on the D800 not something that can be tested in the store before bying the camera? Or is this issue only occuring on specific occasions or randomly?

I'm not sure about it. I think the issue shows with some lenses more than others, and may depend on the focal length, aperture, distance to the subject, as well as the color temperature of light. There have been many posts about, but I don't have any first hand experience with this issue. I'm also wondering how many people would have discovered it on their own in normal shooting if the issue hasn't received this much publicity. Nonetheless, I believe it is a real issue at least with some cameras. If you tend to mainly use the central point or the central cluster, you're probably much less at risk.

Would yo recommend switching to Canon 5D mark III if neither of the 2 models directly below the D4 are flawless??

I cannot recommend switching to Canon because I don't know enough to recommend. I never seriously considered switching myself because replacing or duplicating a lot of glass is a pain and a waste of money in my opinion. Besides, I'm pleased enough with most of the lenses I have to make any switch a sufficiently attractive proposition. That said, if I were looking to update a camera to a newer model, I can see that a camera spec'ed like 5D III might be more attractive than the current Nikon offerings, depending of course on what you want to do with it. IMO this largely depends on your current investment in Nikon gear, whether you're attached to it, and whether losing a certain amount of money while switching is a serious deterrent.

I don't have any first hand comparison points with Canon either, but it is probably my last oportunity to change as I will be buying top lenses now, and plan to keep my D300s.

One recurring theme that I see is that many people are waiting for the next FX. if only the D800 had a higher burst rate, I guess that wold solve the problem for many people, right?

Maybe I have to consider the D4, but again, 3000$ is a big step, and I frankly realy need nothing more than the D800 other than higher burst. and I don't know what it is to have a camarea that does not have the built in flash... It is deffinitely less needed given ISO sensitivity and lens quality, I just don't know how deterrent it is.

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