Down on the 18-55 O.I.S.

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Re: Down on the 18-55 O.I.S.

Erational wrote:

As an added note; no lens I have ever used bathed shadows in so much blue hue as the Fuji 18-55 . Have seen other posters mention this odd occurrence and I do not know if it is a zoom issue or a camera issue, but I haven't noticed it yet with the 35mm F/1.4

That's ´╗┐really ´╗┐weird. Did it happen in camera JPEGs as well as RAWs? And yeah, it does seem like there are some QC issues with the 18-55 (another area where sony has it rough as well). Perhaps it has something to do with it being Fuji's first foray into large-lens OIS?

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