What is the best next step from a D300S

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Re: What is the best next step from a D300S

olyflyer wrote:

I went from the D300s to the D800 and no regrets at all. Maybe the only thing I should have done was buying the D800E and not the D800, but I am very happy with the D800 anyway. My lenses with the D300s were: 35/1.8DX, 60/2.8G macro, 105/2.8GVR macro, 16-85DX and the 70-300GVR. I sold the two DX lenses and bought the D800 with the 24-120/4. I am now a happy camper, my camera and lenses work fine together, miles better than on the D300s.

I am using the same computer as before and the processing, while it takes a bit longer, is not painful at all. I don't mind the megapixels, there is nothing called "too much" in that department. I print large also and it is nice to know that I can crop if I need to and still print large.

If you need very high frame rate get the D4, but IQ wise you will not gain anything compared with the D800, assuming you compare images of the same size.

This does not tell you what you should do, it is just telling you what I did and how I feel. There is a lot of whining and bashing around here lately and load of nonsense, don't believe everything you read.

thanks for you comments, very helpful.

I am hesitant to buy the 24_120/4 versus the 24-70 /2.8.

How big is the difference in quality?

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