Good Hand Strap for NEX

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Re: Good Hand Strap for NEX

´╗┐Hey Riguez

I got my Gariz wrist strap

IMO it's not a decent strap, for the price, $20

The leather was stiff, so ergonomic wise it's not as comfortable as I imagined.

It's also hard to tell where I should put the strap because both wrist and palm position felt awkward.

The belt seems too thin, not enough leather was used to make the strap I guess.

I give it 6.5/10. It's still a good looking strap, but don't expect it to be Chanel or LV grade leather.

If the strap was less than $15 shipped, its 9/10, IMHO.

Try Toma strap instead, which I might buy next, if the look is not your priority.||

BTW, I also got the Gariz half case for the NEX 6,

Great (half) case, still, little over priced, by like $20.

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