Why I won't trade the V1 for the A

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Re: Why I won't trade the V1 for the A

A viewfinder which does not show shooting information is of very little use, except for framing in bright light (which is, agreed, better than nothing)

I don't know if the Nikon add on unit has info in it, at around $400 it should!  The cheaper options mentioned in an earlier post will not satisfy most people for long.

As an X10 (and V1) user, I can tell you that the main reason for the excitement in Fuji-land over the X20 is that the viewfinder has been upgraded to include information display.

Like many, I will never again buy a camera without a viewfinder, LCDs are not visible in really bright light, they require an inefficient holding position, and cause lots of problem if you use  glasses (a viewfinder usually has correction built in)

So for me, it is probably a non starter


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