R3000 Refillable Cartridges or CIS

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Re: R3000 Refillable Cartridges or CIS

Zone8 wrote:

Not in that Epson model but I found (as have others) CIS systems can cause problems. I started using refillable cartridges in two different models about 4 years ago - they go in and out fairly regularly and no sealing problem to date. In any event, it is not exactly difficult to make new seals - they are only rings of thin plastic after all. I always refill every cartridge, even if only one is shown as needing to be replaced. I reset the chips on every one as well. Then when they go back, only one cleaning cycle takes place - instead of one for every cartridge replaced individually.

My approximately 1 year old R3000 never does a clean with one cartridge replacement, or a complete set replaced at the same time.  These are Cone refillable carts.  In fact, my R3000 has only performed 3 auto-cleans in 1 year, 800+ prints, waste ink pad count at 8%.  I like it that way and hope it stays in that mode.

Bob P.

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