Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

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Re: Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

Glenn wrote:

75.00 is too much? I see the 100mm F3.5 and 100mm F4's are going for 250-300 and I though that was a pretty good price. these were the best 100mm 1:1 macros there were in their time. I'll bet the coatings hold reflections to a minimum too like the other SR mount stuff from the 70's does too.

I'm not saying that it's too much. I was just wondering if there were any cheaper MD/MC lenses instead of the Minolta ones. If $75 - $100 is a reasonable price, then I guess that's the price I'll have to pay.

clockwork247 wrote:

JoeyCF3 wrote:

Hey guys,

I just bought a Rokkor-X 50mm f1.7 and I am very happy with it!

Now I find myself wanting to buy a macro lens. I am looking at the Minolta lenses on eBay and they're all $75+! This is just a small hobby of mine, so I don't want to spend too much money on lenses.

Is there a cheaper variation of a macro lens that will work on the MD/MC - NEX adapter?

depends on what FL, the 50-55s are ok (around 50+ each), the 100s gets close to 100 USD each, and if you move further out, the 150+ are in the 200+ minimum.

Macro lens don't qualify into the regular category of MF lens. because in macro you'll almost always MF, and no one care about infinity focus, meaning the 2 biggest downfall of manual lens when mount on an SLR are taken away, that's why their price is so high compare to other manual lens.

So in a nutshell, you're saying that people don't care that they're older and that they're just as good as new ones? I'd believe it!

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

If you're thinking $75 is too much for a lens, you might look into extension tubes or an add-on close-up lens attachment.

It's not that it's too much, but it's a bit pricier than the 50mm prime lenses.

Richie Beans wrote:

JoeyCF3 wrote:

Is there a cheaper variation of a macro lens that will work on the MD/MC - NEX adapter?

Yes.... it's called the reversing ring.

I'm well aware of them, but I'm not sure that's the route I'd like to take. I was asking specifically about lens options.

Lightshow wrote:

$75 is a good price for an MC/MD macro, you won't find much better for less,
Good luck hunting one down.

Looks like that's the case for a near-mint condition one.

Thanks for all of your input, guys. Unless there are some cheaper 3rd party lenses, I think I know what I have to do now!

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