The dilemma with DX...

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Re: The dilemma with DX...

DX did not mean smaller camera or smaller lenses. Nikon had two choices:

1. Make DX backward compatible with FX (AF-D) lenses (certain DX bodies have focusing motors built into the body) until AF-S could be developed, thereby eliminating the internal motor. Nikon continues to build in the motor for prosumer DX bodies because Nikon probably makes more money for every in-production FX lens bought for use on DX bodies than the sale of a DX lens.

2. Go the way of the V-series and make an adapter to allow use of F-mount lenses.

The fact that Nikon chose to stick with the F-mount for DX meant that DX bodies had to be designed around the mount and what sits above it. The D40/D60 are the most compact DX bodies, but which are dwarfed/engulfed/overwhelmed by the lens.

I use a 60mm Nikon Micro and a Sigma 70mm Macro (both FX) on the D700 but also on the D40 & D200 -- using the smaller centre of FX-lenses produces sharp images right up to the edges & into the corners. The 1.5x multiplier means the lenses are 90mm & 105mm on DX so I went out and bought a the Micro 40mm DX lens, which gives me 60mm, great for portraits of my grandkids (my original excuse was that one of the two D40s was lensless and lonely, so I needed another lens -- i nearly bought a new 18-55mm DX VR lens but got the 40mm at nearly half-price).

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