Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.

Mjankor wrote:

Richard wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

But to each his own, sorry you chose poorly, maybe you will be able to get a great Nikon/Canon system next time around.

Lol. I was wondering whether it was going to be a mirrorless user or a DSLR user who was going to be the first to cross over into fanboy style attacks. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Richard. You can always tell when someone has a strong argument – when they label everyone who bought a particular camera an idiot.

I did not call you an idiot, just that you chose poorly and that I would not own one. I am not a fanboy, I own 2 brands, I just buy what is best. The Oly is not the best for a number of reasons and I think mirrorless will decline, but I also don't understand the need for a slightly smaller camera when a slightly larger camera is so much better and more flexible. That to me seem fanboyish but I am glad there are different manufacturers to produce different camers for different wants.

I'm sorry it offends you that I and lots of other people happen to like a particular camera.

Fine, but if Oly and other mirrorless manufacturers produce poor quality and they are not that much smaller and Nikon/Canon gets even smaller (which I know they can do). I think you will see the decline in popularity in other places not just the US.

Of course, we're all secret users of the super secret special anti purple filter. I could tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.

My solution involves no filter but a different system that is almost as small.

I gave you my mini kit list. If you want to compare put something together.

Not necessary, neither you or I are going to change our opinions on this. I see the Nikon crop sensor systems getting smaller, near the size of the mirrorless and you don't, fair enough.

Not sure why you're comparing the Oly lenses with a bunch of other mirrorless lenses. I didn't say I needed or wanted the smallest mirrorless. Not sure why you think I'd want a pancake either.

Just pointing out that your reason for Oly is because it is small, even though the Nikon/Canon are superior.

Your primary suggestion appears to be "go bigger".

I said that I think that mirrorless is more likely to die than DSLR. The reason is because of the split, phone and DSLR, the mirrorless is too close in size to the DSLR from Canon/Nikon and is lacking so I think we will see a decline in other places not only the US, that was my point. That is also an opinion.

As I pointed out, I've done that in the past and wasn't impressed. The camera stayed at home a lot more often.

The size difference is just not that big to cause someone to leave the camera at home or not. But I am glad you are excited about your Oly so it makes you want to take more pictures, that alone is worth the price of admission.

There's not enough IQ difference to warrant going for a bigger system, and the other advantages to a DSLR I find minor enough not to care about.

It is not just IQ, it is built in flash, touch screen, more lenses, 3 times longer battery life, no purple, lens view or live view (good in bright sun), bigger sensor, migration path to FF the list goes on but again, it will not change your mind and if you are happy with what you have, then it won't make any difference.

Ok Richard. I've given you my mini kit list. Can you please put together something simliar so we can have a look at it? Don't forget though, you have to use FF lenses to keep the migration path to FF open.

This is true, and those lenses are bigger no doubt. And true they must be FF lenses (at least on the Canon, Nikon DX lenses work perfectly on a FF camera.

As for your advantages, OM-D has a touch screen, more than enough lenses, more than enough battery life.

Does not take away the advantage even if you don't use it. I would always have longer battery life.

I've never seen the purple flare issue.

Others have and have posted, It is an issue.

Bigger sensor is for me actually not an advantage.

Maybe not for you but this is a comparison as to which you go with when the split becomes between cell phone camera and brick.

Dunno what you mean about lens view or live view as the OM-D also has EVF+LCD.

Sorry, that is not the same as looking through the lens.

In short, you got nothing.

For you, but the camera is clearly superior, it is less expensive, you don't need to buy an extra battery for it or a flash because it is built in.

It's like arguing that a Ferrari can go faster than everything else, when there's speed limits. Also, as I pointed out, I've been using a DSLR for the last 5 years. I did actually balance up the pros and cons before I bought the OM-D.

Good for you, that is why I said, no one will change your mind, it could be the best camera on the planet and you would poo poo it in favor of the Oly and say, it is good enough for me.

I am honored you dragged me to a new thread but really, it is a waste of time. I own Nikon and Canon and mirrorless is a step down for me and you are sold on the  Oly, to each his own but regardless of what you think, there is not that big of a difference in size. And at that point, I grab the camera phone which there is a huge difference.

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