Do Elinchrom RX lights need a power pack?

Started Mar 6, 2013 | Questions thread
cedy Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: Do Elinchrom RX lights need a power pack?

Right, firing 4 1200 w/s strobes would be an incredible amount of light. I have never once needed that much. The only time I can really think of is sports, with the strobes up in the catwalk. Maybe outshining the sun through multiple windows. In short, it's a moot point. I think the photographer would be much better off with mostly 600 w/s, and even a few 300 w/s lamps. As you are probably aware, the issue with strobes is rarely not enough, but too much. I own 4 600w/s and one 1200 w/s. I am considering getting some 300 w/s too. There is one odd exception though to my normal studio work, firing strobes through a full CTB cuts out so much light, that I must use my 1200 w/s lamp. There are work arounds of course, but I do have that power when needed.

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