Fotodiox Puts a 645 Medium Format Back on Sony NEX

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Re: for 4x5" camera and lens owners, there is a cheaper solution...

Glenn wrote:

Pardon my ignorance but this adaptor makes the camera take a picture of the view that would be seem through 645 lens but in pieces that are stitched a-la gigapan except the nex is kept parallel with e 645 film plane instead of pivoting to tale each shot is that the advantage here?

I am not sure I understand your question... but let me try...

Both adapters (Fotodiox for MF lenses and one I shown above for LF cameras) use the same method, with slightly different approach. On the Fotodiox adapter, you can move the camera (manually) to use the full projection circle of MF lens and stitch those images together later in post processing.

You can do exactly the same by moving back standard with NEX attached to the Large Format camera or, in this case, by moving front standard with a lens. On top of that you can use tilt movements, and you can even put the cassette with a plan film between and make a film exposure.

There are better solutions for LF lenses, such as Sinar p-SLR , but they cost accordingly.

Adapter that I am suggesting, mounted on any (today very cheap) LF camera, can do same as Fotodiox with MF lenses, and more, but it is bigger and bulkier. But even with a LF camera (such as Cambo SC i.e.) you should be able to fit within 300-350 USD (often with a basic lens), comparing to 500 USD for Fotodiox.

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