Choosing camera for birds photography

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Re: Choosing camera for birds photography

I found some of the comments at the beginning of this thread disturbing. Some people seem to say that if you can’t afford the best then don’t bother. Of course to get the absolutely best shots you will be considerably helped by buying a great camera and great glass.  But, I can’t afford a Ferarri but it doesn’t stop me driving and  I can’t afford a round the world cruise and it doesn’t stop me taking a holiday.  The advice that people like the OP need is how to take great bird pictures within their budget and if that means a point and shoot so be it.

The thread has developed much more satisfactorily with shood posting the best pictures on the thread using a m4/3s camera

I’m also an m4/3s user on a much lower budget than shood and yet I still manage to take shots that please me.  Here’s a few samples taken with my Panny G5 and 100-300 which may not be the best but for a total investment of £1000 they’re better than some of the dross I see posted with much more expensive kit and I certainly won’t stop trying even if I can’t have the best kit.

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