5D3 - AF Microadjustment bug?

Started Sep 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I dont think It is a bug, just Canons way of communicating uncertainty

The AF MA applied will not display in the playback image info if focus was not achieved and confirmed at the moment of shutter release. For instance, if you use back button AF you will never see the AF MA applied if  you lift your finger off the back button momentarily before depressing the shutter release (shutter set to meter + shutter). Activating the focus confirmation option in playback helps to understand when the AF MA might be displayed, but I can get a focus confirmation box in playback and still not see any AF MA applied I presume because of some percieved uncertainty about a tiny time interval between focus confirmation and shutter release by the camera software. If you want to see that the camera acknowledges your AF MA settings, press info in shooting mode and you will see them come up. If you set only one end of a zoom, the camera assumes zero for the other end. My AF MA settings are small, so I cant see whether the relationship between intermediate zoom position and intermediate AF MA setting is linear but assume so.


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