Canon S95 VS SX260HS?

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Re: Canon S95 VS SX260HS?

Eiffel wrote:

As the former owner of a TZ20 and current owner of a S100, I can help but notice a big difference in image quality. The TZ20 bothered me with its JPEG artefacts even at low ISO and after desaturating the colours. I much prefer the S100 even without the extended zoom range and toy features.

I think it's fair to say that the TZ 20 is generally regarded as a complete dog. The IQ was slated all round and the OP was asking for a comparison between the SX260HS and the S95, the former having considerably better better IQ than the TZ20.

M y series of comparison shots between the TZ30 and S100 led me to believe that whislt the IQ of the S100 was better, the gain was far outweighed by the versatility of the TZ30's 20x optical zoom.

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