Poll: Poverty in the US.

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I know more about poverty than what's in the Heritage Report

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I found his responses interesting, not so much for the content, but for the quality of analysis, perspective, and insight.

LMAO! Hey, keep at then.

He's still new here.... in time he'll see through it.

Just copy and paste whatever Chato says into Google and the first link is usually where he copied it from.

He's a real piece of work, Chato is. Wannabe poster boy of the NY Times Editorial Board and spin master extraordinaire. I can't tell you how many times this guy has twisted the words of others, all for the sake of argument. And so disrespectful and smug while doing it. Best to keep your comments to him short.

I've reviewed some of Chato's contributions to this forum now, and I can't disagree with you. What concern I have, is for those that read such "contributions" and take them as gospel.

In the past I didn't worry so much about how easily folks opinions could be swayed until I began seeing the results of some recent elections.

Our informed electorate

Stern Interviews


Why I like Barack

"We need to pass Obamacare so we can see what's in it"

Never in my wildest dreams would i have imagined words like this coming out of the mouth of a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

"We need to make sure that our undocumented (sic illegal) workesr get a fair wage"

Ditto for one of out Cabinet members comment

I don't disagree with anything above, but in order to provide balance :-), I feel compelled to mention that it cuts both ways and that perhaps rather than finding fault with Obama all the time the Republicans need to focus on their own problems and appealing to the wider electorate rather than those that brought them unelectable candidates from a pack of crazies as seen in the primaries.

If they promote folks like Chris Christy, Bobby Jindal, and stop the purge and defection of moderates from the party because that group is disenfranchised (I am one), they will be better served than following the lead of the RW media and folks like Roger Ailes and Karl Rove. The Republican Party needs to regroup and change.


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I personally have a number of significant issues with the Republican party as well, and particularly where their formal stand has been on some social issues.

But some of the policies of the Current Democratic Administration are more frightening to me.

And the decision making trends of the voting populace..... at times i can hardly stand to think about it.

For the record, I officially "lived in poverty" for about a half dozen years.

I lived in a small room in a house during the 70's that I rented initially for $50/month and eventually $75/month.

Had a job that paid $800/month that went mostly to paying for school.

When the house was sold, I lived out of my VW Beetle for a few months as I couldn't find a place to rent as cheap as my room in the house. Eventually, I found a garage for rent and lived there.

The worse thing that could have happened to me would have been to be showered with entitlements and food stamps (I was eligible, but didn't believe in getting them). Instead, my circumstances scared the crap out of me.

During my 20's I saw plenty of people my age, not working and not going to school as I did, and not living in someone's garage while I was working and studying for most of my waking hours. And while I was living my life, some of the other folks were spending most of their money as fast as they could make it, living in nice apartments, buying nice cars, taking trips, and enjoying their social lives.

I eventually worked my way through Medical School.

My first jobs were working on furniture moving trucks for $125 a week. No benefits.

Eventually got good enough that I could work as a professional musician.

And as I became more educated, could get jobs working in laboratories and eventually teaching.

So yes, when I think of all the hard work I did while I was "living in poverty" and not making a "living wage", and then realize that I now have to work about from January to sometime in August to pay off taxes (Federal, State, Property, Sales, Gas, etc) before my yearly income goes to my family and the charities I choose to support, I have some feelings about that.

And when I hear our current President tell the country that folks like me ought to "give a little more" to people who unlike me didn't work and study a hundred hours a week, who have the only "cheap electronics" that I couldn't afford for years, yeah I have some feelings about that too.

I wish that I had more money to donate to the charities (mostly educational) that my wife and I believe in.

Reading the Heritage report on Poverty, most of the people living "in poverty" have more material goods and living space than I did for many years. But, then again, I didn't become the absentee father of multiple children that I would have been unable to support and that would have kept them and myself deeper and longer in poverty.

Very few of my posts here are "rants", but I'm having a bad day, so there!


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