Lasik Surgery: cameras with Viewfinders?

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Lasik Surgery: cameras with Viewfinders?

Hey everyone,

About 2 months ago I had Lasik surgery, and it's great to be able to drive and enjoy movies without glasses. However, the tradeoff, due to my age, is that my closeup vision had to be sacrificed a bit.

Long story, short, I can't fully enjoy cameras without viewfinders anymore. Optical are best, but good EVF would probably be OK too. At the moment all I have is a NEX F3, 2 E-mount lenses, and a couple of ancient Canon FD lenses.

I've been reading up on current models to assess what is available. So far, it seems my options are:

1) DSLR's -- sold mine last year because I wanted a smaller, lighter system. But they have good viewfinders, and have no compromises aside from being bigger and heavier. Not sure I want to jump back in, but I'm watching to see what Canon announces in the next few months. Maybe big and heavy is the price to pay for everything else. :-/

2) NEX 6, 7 perhaps, but the lens offerings are so anemic. I have an F3 which takes great photos, but not sure NEX as a system is satisfying. My favorite Canon lenses were the 100mm macro and 15-85mm zoom. No good E-mount equivalents on NEX, and none in sight

3) Fuji X20 -- seems pretty nice, but that small sensor will probably not deliver. I'm so used to decent APS-C based cameras. But as a walk-around camera... maybe. I wish the Sony RX100 had a VF.

4) Fuji X100/s -- not a fan of fixed 35mm, but seems like a nice camera.

5) Fuji X -- nice, but seems kinda big and expensive, might as well go DSLR IMO.

6) Micro 4/3 -- only camera that seems interesting is OM-D. Not sold on the smaller than APS-C sensor, though.

Am I missing any good choices?

I've been wanting to find a single camera that does it all, i.e. small and light enough to take everywhere, but capable and versatile as DSLR's. But the reality is that doesn't exist yet, and I may have to suck it up and get a DSLR and a small camera. But they will all need viewfinders!

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