Level indicators on screen

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Rick Baumhauer Regular Member • Posts: 370
Re: Level indicators on screen

Anders W wrote:

Savas Kyprianides wrote:

It's a visual juggle, maintaining your framing; while eyes are on one indicator, then the other, over and over; until both indicators show green. If the framing's gone off at capture, start over. It's real work and something I intend to use only when in a pinch.

Perhaps it is a visual juggle for you but not for me. I simply proceed as follows.

1. Adjust horizontal tilt until horizontal indicator shows green.

2. Adjust vertical tilt until vertical indicator shows green.

3. Adjust left/right framing.

4. Shoot.

No juggling at all.

Actually, in most cases, my use is even simpler. I rarely care about vertical leveling, just horizontal. Rather than actually look at the level indicator, I usually just glance at it while half-pressing to focus (to get an idea of which way I'm tilting the camera), then adjust my framing and tilt towards level until I see green in the periphery. When I see green, I shoot.

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