Canon 5D to Nikon FX.. a potential upgrade

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Re: Canon 5D to Nikon FX.. a potential upgrade

acandelaphoto wrote:

I'm considering upgrading my Canon 5D to one of the Full Frame Nikon FX cameras. I posted part of this thread on the Canon forum to get feedback from Canon users on other Canon FF cameras.

My CONSTANT fight with the 5D is noise/banding and sharpness. I use the camera for the most part under varying lighting conditions. I do concert photography where I need SPEED, HIGH ISO for DETAIL and LOW TO NO NOISE. I have a Canon 24-105 3.5 which is my overall lens.

The 5D has been killing me with the amount of time I've spent to correct banding and noise, etc. I know this isn't the best camera to use for action/differing lighting scenarios, but this is what I have and I need a change. I'm looking for a camera that will allow me to use it on location (fashion, people, travel) and studio (fashion/portraits). I like to take into account about the investment I will be making. I'd like to have a camera that is a workhorse, and it's longevity on the market isn't a quick turnaround like some of the prosumer cameras. I know technology is moving quickly and would like to find that "special camera" that can hold it's own. I hope this doesn't sound so ego-minded. I'm a stickler for detail and would like to have myself take care of the technical issues in camera instead of spending time in PS to correct these issues.

Sounds like your perfect camera is a 6D, even if you didn't shoot with Canon lenses already.  No such thing as "no noise", but you could get pretty close with it.

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