1st time wet cleaning D600 with Cooper Hill experience

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The bigger issue(s)

bocajrs wrote:

I received my kit yesterday, and after reading various threads and listening to videos, I decided to clean it.

It took me 3 practice swabs (LOL) of inserting and removing into sensor (not actual cleaning) before I had the guts to do it.

Well on my 4th swab, I went ahead and cleaned it. Wasn't all that bad and removed most except for 1 or 2 that I can see with my Opteka (no biggie at this point)

I gotta say it's beat sending in to Nikon and wondering when I'd be getting it back - worse of all coming back in worse condition than it was ( I've have two bad experiences with Nikon Mellville, so this is just my opinion).

Glad to hear it is easy.  I've read up on it and plan to get a kit myself.  However with regards to the long term happiness with the D600, I have these thoughts:

If there is some defect in the mirror/shutter system that is causing the debris, I'd be willing to send in to Nikon if it can be replaced.

If the above mentioned items are on track to fail prematurely, and possibly out of warranty, I'd again want to preempt such a failure (and payment by me) by sending in to Nikon.

Finally, there are reports on this forum of folks having these parts replaced as part of a cleaning service at Nikon.  I don't know if this is done now as course of if it depends on how many times the owners have had to send the camera in.

My copy has some spots but doesn't seem as bad as some examples I've seen on here.  Not enough to bother with a cleaning myself, before sending it to Nikon.

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