Dreading the answer to my 100-400L IS issues.... Any other places for repairs...

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Update -- $286 to repair faulty IS unit in my 100-400L

I recieved the "Standard" estimate from Canon related to my IS issues. $286 to include return S&S. I supposse it could have been worse!

I did speak with a technician and explained that the lens saw very gentle useage and spent more time in the closet, and asked why the IS would fail. I use my 24-105L f/4 IS and 70-200L f/2.8 IS lens A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT; so the 100-400L see more shelf time. The Tech stated that it's possible that by letting a lens sit more than being used could create a situation where electrical/mechanical parts might begin to deteriorate. And his advise was to to use the lens more, just for the sake of exercising the lens. I suppose.

Anyway, again, for those wondering what the fee is (as of March 2013) to repair a failing IS unit for the 100-400L, the Canon "Standard" Fee from the Newport News facility is $286 (included S&S).

Regards, Mike

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