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Re: I don't get the Sony vs. Canon comparison here...

Mark Turnbull wrote:

What he is saying is that Sony cameras are looked down upon by alot of professional photographers....and here were two professionals with the best canon gear, outdone by a hobby photographer with an entry level Sony a55. So he is confirming what you just said, and that an entry level Sony can match the best cameras.

He could have also titled it....."hobby photographer vs professional" .


First, average pros don't look down at Sony. Trust me on this. I hob-nob with these folks, they're my professional colleagues. Most of them are only vaguely aware that Sony makes cameras. Sony cameras are not contemptible, they are precisely "beneath contempt". SO if that was the premise of the original post, it was flawed right there.

Second, a talented amateur who's nothing more than a guest at a wedding, works under no pressure. In those circumstances, talented amateurs may very well  be able to take at least a few really nice photos with their iPhones.

And third, well, "I took some nice photos with an A55 and a so-called pro with a much more expensive camera took six thousand photos most of which weren't very good," that's just not an argument of any kind. At best it's an observation about a particular circumstance. It's like saying that a hamburger from Macdonald's tastes better than a rib-eye from the best steak restaurant in Dallas after the rib-eye's been dropped in dog poop. Fair enough, as far as it goes. It just doesn't go very far.

AS I said, I'm happy for the bride that she got some extra images that she likes from the OP, and I too like the OP's couple photos, and I understand his satisfaction. I guess I'm put off rather badly by the title of the thread.


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