What's the future of the A mount?

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Re: What's the future of the A mount?

Glenn wrote:

seems a bit disingenuous Walt. Since Sony basically continued the A mount with all it's legacy problems instead of making it new from scratch. I believe you were saying at the time that Sony Couldn't make their own mount because of a lack of experience? A few years later they came out with E-mount, completely new and also able to adapt all the abandoned system lenses from years past including the SR mount. And they did the whole design and brought it to market in what about a year? Otherwise the Amount would have died years ago.

Maybe you should go back and read the contract announcements between Sony and Minolta in the year before Minolta quit.  Indeed the initial contracts were all about how to teach Sony to design and build DSLRs. And Sony themselves said they needed the help to learn.

Adapting the E mount to other mounts was not what Sony brought out.  That came entirely from third party sources.  Other than several tries to make a fully functional A mount adapter for E Sony was not involved.

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