What's the future of the A mount?

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Re: What's the future of the A mount?

dlkeller wrote:

Actually it is EXACTLY these periods of stress with Minolta/KM/Sony that worry some of us. We already had to change our system when Minolta changed the mount. We saw the company change hands and a very long delay before we even got a DSLR. Then we had the concern with Sony and it's delays in producing an A700 replacement and it's increasing emphasis on NEX in advertising and sales pushes so there is good reason for concern.

Actually Minolta produced one of the earliest practical DSLRs in the RD175.  Then they abandoned producing any more A mount DSLRs until the 7D, a very long gap between. Interesting thing is that they went from RD175 DSLR to more and more P&S oriented digital cameras before coming back to the 7D too late.  A lot of similarities between that and what Sony did following the a700/a900

As far as I'm concerned Sony never produced an a700 replacement but changed to a entirely different line of cameras with entirely different emphasis, on video, on holding the hands of EVF loving folks moving from Cybershot and so on.  One wants an a700 replacement that's a true DSLR they have to go to another brand.  DSLRs are doing very well in sales there.

I've been through every changeover with Minolta, all the way from changing from MF system to AF A mount onwards.  Each change cost me plenty. But it's all history now.

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