What's the future of the A mount?

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Re: It is really a pitty

goetz48 wrote:

that the Japanese camera producers were not able to use a common lens mount system as it was the Practica M42 thread years before. Everyone made their own system with different flange distances, diameters, contacts and other dimensions.

Really stupid!

M42 was never even close to a universal system back then.  The grass was not greener back then.  After marriage my wife and I were shooting incompatible systems.  I had M42 and she had Minolta in the form of the SRT 101.  We choose to stay Minolta, but I don't think I'd be any better off now if we had of gone M42 back then.  M42 thread was not capable of supporting all the modern interconnects between lens and camera, which is why it's not used on modern cameras except old lenses being adapted by nostalgic folks.

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