What's the future of the A mount?

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Re: What's the future of the A mount?

The risk of loss of the mount and all associated with it is why I built up and pretty much completed my A mount a700 system as quickly as I could.  Now it does not matter much to me if what little is left of A mount continues or not.

Minolta cut everybody off when they switched from manual to AF and invented the A mount.  My then very complete manual system was shut off from enlargement.  One of my early experiences with system abandonment.

Minolta cut off A mount from DSLR when they did not supply an A mount replacement for the RD-175.  So I continued shooting A mount DSLR with the RD-175 for nearly 10 years. Until finally Minolta came back to A mount in digital.

Do wish I had of moved to Nikon instead of buying the Minolta 7D.  Then I'd still be using a mount system that I could expand or update.

But instead, once I bought the Minolta 7D I launched into making a complete A mount system that was as abandonment proof as I could make it.  Including DSLRs in multiples, a very wide range of lenses, flashes and accessories. I like my Sony A mount OVF DSLR system a lot. Too bad Sony is gone for DSLRs.  But I've seen that before from Minolta.

If folks are really worried about A mount (and they probably have reason to worry with Sony in charge of the mount and associated system) they can either drop what they have and go for a camera system that has trustworthy long term support like Nikon or Canon.  Or they can try to build up their A mount system so it's complete for the long term for them.  One thing they are unlikely to get is a more complete picture of the future until it's too late to do planning that's economic.

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