Which Nikon?

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Which Nikon?


I am new to DSLR, and thus in need of a camera. I have read and compared a lot, tried the grips etc, but I am not quite sure what camera to go for just yet.

I am considering 3 options right now, and since I'm new I'm thinking I should try to limit my budget somewhat.

In addition I think I should start with something quite "all-round" and familiarize myself better with what I think it's fun to take pictures of, before spending more cash on lenses and other equipment.

What's smart to start with (I can always upgrade the camera house later)?

D5100 w/18-105VR kit. 
I can then afford the tamron 70-300 (I think I'd like zoom) and a flash and maybe even a tripod (even though I will use my camera mostly handheld, I think).

D3200 w/18-105VR kit
Just a tad more expensive than the D5100 and should also get the zoom lens with this kit, but maybe wait a bit with the flash and other stuff (will mostly take pictures outside I think).

D7000 w/18-105VR kit
Will not have a budget to add any lens from the start here, but will probably have a camera I can "grow" with. It's not too complicated to use even though I'm not very experienced? (Neither am I a complete newbie though, so I should be able to handle something a tad more difficult that just a point-and-shoot).

I also like that the D7000 have a few more buttons so I don't have to go into the menu for some of the more common settings... That's a bit of a hassle...

I am also considering the Pentax K-30/K-5 (about the same price), but that's only because of the WR on both camera and 18-135 kit lens (I want to be able to bring the camera in many situations, and I also live where it's snow for a couple of months each year).

Any thoughts?

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