Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

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Re: Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

hellocrowley wrote:

BrianKraft wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

Btw, the image plane is not parallel with the sensor so #3 is deceptively out of focus.

I don't agree with this. The focus point is pretty much within the slice of #3. Plus, at 4ft away at f2.8, I don't think the focus would vary all that much within this small slice, that includes all 3.

Precisely because it's only 4ft away at f2.8, focus is very critical. Can you upload the same slice from the other cameras?

4 ft, not 4 inches. I know you know that, but the difference between the top of #1 and the bottom of #3 is in these slices is very, very, very small in terms of front to back distance. I don't think it contributed.

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