Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

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Re: Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

PDavis wrote:

As some have pointed out, the USB charging is one of the best features of this camera. Since it uses the same plug as just about anything. Great for travel since you don't need to worry about bringing a separate charger. Buy a 2nd battery and keep it in your belt case and recharge at night or in the car.

Also, the bounce-able flash really adds to the equation.

All that on top of a superb sensor, lens, movie and AF performance, small size.

What's not to like?

OK, make RX-200 24mm, waterproof with accessory EVF and I would pay $1k for it no questions asked.

I purchased an RX-100 as soon as it came out.  I love the camera for its portability and image quality.  However, on direct comparison to my Samsung NX20, which I actually got a great deal for the same cost, the RX-100's image quality is not nearly as good.

Thus, I would love something between the RX-1 and RX-100: APS-C, hot shoe for an EVF, lens undecided but overall, I want something compact with super0high quality.

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