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Re: Have Used X100 and X10 Combo

ljclark wrote:

In late 2011 I spend a week in Paris. I left my Leica M8 and lenses at home and just used the X100 and X10. Things worked out just fine. Less stuff to carry, small volume. Two spare batteries per camera. Charging batteries every night is not a painful thing, since I also manage the image files every night (save card to data vault -- upload files to the laptop -- maybe PP and posting to blog). Be sure to also shoot RAW so you always have something to go back to.

As for shooting in museums...Some welcome it, and some prohibit it. As said earlier, some special exhibits don't allow. Always ask first. The V&A in London welcomes photographers and has a feed for visitor shots. The d'Orsay decided to get their panties in a knot a few years ago and now prohibits all cameras. The d'Orsay has a visitor comment section on their web site so you can express your concerns, but they never posted my comments -- which included a link to my shots taken with a pen camera and wristwatch camera -- hmmmm.

The Louvre tried to ban cameras -- but gave up. That place is a madhouse anyway.

One of the nicest places in Paris is the Rodin Museum. Early is better, and the grounds are relaxing. Little cafe there is nice for a break.

Be sure to get the Paris multi-day museum pass. Head-of-line privileges.

One of the goofiest things? The tourist guy you see in almost every city -- walking around with a D300/D700-ish camera and a 70-200 zoom hanging in front of him.

Agree with you re the Musée Rodin, always liked that place, light best in the little park in the late afternoon! Re the 70-200 ... or for that matter any heavy-gear-look-at-me-folks kit I guess this is what this thread is about ... still sometimes feeling that a tad more reach would be good (just thinking of Italian towns, little balconies, flowerpots and 90+ year old ladies being in charge if the street ...

Or something like this, photo taken in April 2012, Nikon D300s with 16-85 @85 (I think...):

Between Sacre Coeur & Place du Tertre, but personally prefer the Place du Calvaire - Abbesses stairs ...



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