Need a cheap macro lens

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Some people do use AF for close-ups and macro.

danijel973 wrote:

With macro, you usually focus by moving the camera back and forth so AF is not really useful. AF on macro is useful only if you want to dual-purpose your macro lens as a portrait lens, but for bugs, AF just hunts and misses, it's useless.

I use AF almost all the time. I currently use a G3 and achromats on a 45-175, previously on 45-200, and before that on Canon bridge cameras (SX10is and before that S3is); I used AF with all these rigs.

The first two of these images used the G3, the second two the SX10. The first, second and fourth probably used the Raynox 150 (about £50) or Raynox 250 (about £40). The third one might have used the Canon 500D (price depends on size, the 58mm version I use costs about £80).

The Raynox 250 takes me beyond 1:1, to scenes about 12mm wide. The MSN-202 which I occasionally use goes further than that, and I use autofocus with that too, for example the small fruit fly in the fifth image.

[f/8 is the smallest aperture available on the SX10 and it gives similar dof to f/22 on the G3. At least for my taste, there is never enough dof with close-ups/macros, and most of the time I use the smallest available aperture to get as much dof as I can.]

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