Need help from seasoned D300/s users on an upgrade from a D90

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Jorge Ledesma
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Re: Just get a D300. Now!

David Lal wrote:

Jorge Ledesma wrote:

Anyway, I'd love some insight or please point me to some threads.


Jorge, what you get with the D300 is immaculate, fast, accurate autofocus coupled with image quality which is at least on a par with the D90 (more or less similar sensor?). You do NOT get high ISO performance (but that's what flashguns are for, no?). You get a high speed buffer for wildlife or sports shots and all the controls you could possibly want all on the outside of the body with no need to dive into the menus.

Personally, I'd not touch a D7000 with a bargepole. Far too many AF problems which the fanboys like to claim are all user-error. Yeah, right. No smoke without fire? D7100? An unknown entity - who's to say manufacture and quality control will be any better than its predecessor?

If you don't want video and can put up with only one card slot then get a secondhand D300 (there are some excellent bargains available - I got one). Blow the rest of your budget on glass and/or decent flash.

Herring gull female flying towards me. D300, Nik 300/F4


Thanks for sharing David, stunning BIF. I agree with you. I figured if I'm going to have the body for at least 2-3 years and I have a D90 a D300s would be a great lateral upgrade. Similar IQ give or take, better body everything and LR4.

I'd love to hear some thoughts of the lack of AA filter or low pass filter that the produces sharper images on the D300/s.

Thanks in advance.

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