Your thoughts? Creepy, but very legal, street photography

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Re: Very weird

So there is one (unconstitutional) law in all of Canada and the US that fits. Isn't that the exception that proves the rule? But it certainly does provide an example of the paranoia and mindlessness of how some people react to this issue. (I had never heard of that, but then I pretty much ignore "law" in Texas, for obvious reasons.)

Still, it isn't the same as the request that I specified anyway! It does not outlaw standing on a public corner taking pictures of everyone walking past on the public sidewalk.

Actually, there's a very similar law in Louisiana, and they also allow consecutive sentencing for each charge. However, the sentence there varies from 6 months to 10 years (or something like that) for each charge, depending on the specifics of the charge.

At least one other state tried to pass a similar law but was overturned by the courts. And I'm sure it's been discussed in quite a few other states.

This actually should be an important topic on this forum, so I'll cut the jokes in this post. It's a very serious threat to the future of photographic freedom.

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