Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

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Re: Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

nixda wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

nixda wrote:

That can't be, people. We all know the X-Trans is supposed to rival FF. There is a huge difference here, so #2 has to be the x100s, or we've been had.

it's only people who don't shoot with FF that think that

I think nixda (the cheeky little imp) was being sarcastic ... I hope!

Very much so, indeed

(This 'Grin' icon doesn't really depict the demonic grinning that I see on other forums. I think DPR should rework its emoticons and should include some that are particularly designed for conveying 'sarcasm', 'cynicism', 'derisiveness'...)

A few horned grimaces would liven up the smiley range no end!

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