Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

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Re: Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

Asylum Photo wrote:

JamiePen wrote:

BrianKraft wrote:

Time to play-- stump the photographer (you)! Check out the comparison and leave your best guess!


#1 x100s

#2 5d

#3 x100

good game!

I agree with this.

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Another vote here. Assuming he did take all the photos with the same exact settings, 5D will be brightest because it does not hype the ISO as much as Xtrans. This also means X100s will be the darkest.

Btw, the image plane is not parallel with the sensor so #3 is deceptively out of focus.

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