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Re: GH3 vs OM-D EM-5 Size

texinwien wrote:

Briarios wrote:

You can pull focus with the GH3 by tapping the display from point to point realtime in video, not sure if the OM-D EM 5 can do this or not.

Sounds neat in theory, but I'd have to see how this works in practice. Wouldn't any self-respecting videographer eschew anything that has to do with autofocus? From what I've seen, CDAF autofocus during video recording isn't very pleasant, since it almost always has to go a tad too far, then back up.

Seems to me you'd be better off with manual focus for anything that matters, unless this is REALLY bulletproof.

GH3 outputs HDMI clean, if you want that, not sure if the Olympus does that or not.

Not sure what that means. Is it related to the subject of the GH3 having the better touchscreen, though? Because I'm aware that the two cameras have a number of distinguishing features that set them apart from each other. I was specifically not aware that the GH3 touchscreen was significantly better than that of the E-M5, however.


I relate to your impression of this particular focus feature as expressed in text.  I have seen it in sample video and head shot to background segway is impressive. This is why I mentioned.  I will post the link if I can find, I looked for a few w/no success.

RE: HDMI outputting clean I mean to say that if you connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI out of the GH3, you will get the imager's capture without any display detail such as F stop or shutter speed numeric display, etc. and it is fully functional so you can capture this HDMI output to an HDMI recorder, full res (perhaps even better than full as I have read that this bypasses compression) at over 70Mbps.

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