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Steve Balcombe wrote:

Marcus Beard wrote:

I carefully chose the Tokina because all reviews and samples showed me that it beats the Canon in sharpness and contrast, but I at the time ignored the lack of capability to use filters.

Has anyone used / owned both the Tokina and Canon - and if so - is there a real world difference between the two for landscape photography? It's a lot of money extra for the Canon, particularly if optical performance is actually not as good as the Tokina.

I haven't used these lenses and I'm not a landscape photographer so I'm not qualified to answer your question, but the suggestion that a Tokina lens with no particular reputation beat an established Canon L in "all reviews and samples" had me intrigued. So I took a quick look at The Digital Picture's test cart shots and to be honest they don't seem to agree. There is actually quite a bit of variation at different focal lengths and apertures, but the Canon seems to have the edge wide open, and at more likely landscape apertures there's little in it. So the Tokina does compare fairly well, and it's a bargain, but I would have no worries about the Canon being any kind of step back.

Have you considered a 24 mm TS-E? I think that's the lens I would want to add to your collection for that trip.

I have been to Iceland by the way, many years ago and not for serious photography. Beautiful place - I'd like to go back one day.

Advantages of the 24 TS-E are: superb optical performance corner to corner, negligible CA, ability to shift laterally meaning with 8mm shifts either side of centre (2/3rds of possible movement, minimising optical fall off) you get a 17mm FOV with increased Mpix (or any FL in between) plus the ability to tilt to minimise aperture for diffraction avoidance. 82mm filter thread so large filters but at least you can fit them.

Disadvantages are price and learning curve, plus you need to be tripod mounted to create shift panoramas and have a sliding plate which allows opposing movement of the camera body in order to keep the lens static to avoid parallax issues with near ground features. Not weatherproof, but a bag over the rig would do.



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