Your thoughts? Creepy, but very legal, street photography

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Re: Very weird

apaflo wrote:

That is not at all true. Name one place in the USA or Canada, for example, where there is a law that says you cannot stand on a public street corner and take pictures of everyone walking past on the public sidewalk. In particular if that person happens to be the Prime Minister or the President, or just a police officer on duty... never mind good looking women.

Actually, it is true. Take a look at the "improper photography" law in Texas. That one pretty much guarantees that if you take pictures of only good looking women, you'll go to jail for a minimum of 2 years. But, that's just for each different person you photography. Each different person could add up to 2 years, and those sentences can be served consecutively, possibly adding up to some major jail time. It's a totally unconstitutional law that only stands because no one has challenged it yet.

True story. My uncle was actually the impetus for that law around 2004. He loved taking pictures of women on beaches, on the street, sporting events, etc. Finally, after being confronted for the thousandth time by police (and let go because there was no law on the book), they finally decided they needed to take extreme measures. So, you can pretty much thank my uncle for this law. He's now in prison BTW.

apaflo wrote:

Oh, please... we have no need for your pervie pictures in this forum.

Because, heh, we have a forum for that. It's the Documentary and Street Photography forum! Just ask if your pictures are Street Photography to get things going.

Unless of course you got too carried away and were up so close that there is nothing of the surroundings showing, and it's only pictures of the individuals. In that case the Portrait and People Photography forum would be a better choice, but then the question to ask is if they are only snapshots.

(Just don't say a word about voyeurism in either forum or the rocks and billy clubs will come out, and you could get hurt.)

Who said anything about voyeurism? Hint: it wasn't me. BTW, don't bring a billy club to a gun fight. You'll lose every time.

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