Pirates of the Caribbean shoot (Phase One + Nikon)

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Pirates of the Caribbean shoot (Phase One + Nikon)

I've posted this thread originally in the Nikon forum, but got zero interest there.

It seems some particular forums in DP review are wasted.  People are buying D4, D800, just to take Disney and backyard snaps, and to complain about oil spots or resolution charts.

It's a shame actual photography generates pretty much zero interest.

Now, post something about oil spots and there you have it: 150 posts thread!

That's what most forums in DP review are all about nowadays. It's actually very sad.

So I'm posting again, on the pro forum.

- end of rant -

In case anyone is tired of the endless oil spot threads, stop by to watch this video

I promise there's some actual photography in it

Pirates of the Caribbean shoot:


Shots were made 50 / 50 with a Phase One + 22mp Leaf Aptus digital back, and a Nikon D700 (that's why I'm posting here).

If anyone is interested, I can comment further down the thread on the IQ and usability differences between these so different cameras.

For now, I can say there's visible bokeh differences, both in quality and smoothness (due to the different sensor sizes and lenses).

There's also a distinct feel to the digital back shots. It's not particularly related to superior DR, is more like a punchier, richer CCD output, right from the start.

Even though I tried to match the files the best I could in post, the CCD images still maintain a separation in rendering and overall tonality that's just gorgeous to look at.

Those are hugely flexible files to work with, but so are the D700's ones.

In fact, it's amazing how the D700 walks side by side with a much larger sensor, and stills holds its own.

On a last note:

No, I don't own any of these copyrights, of course, if you may ask.

And no harm was intended. Consider this video a fan project, the same way you see endless fan films on You Tube, from Star Wars to Batman.

We were just having fun, nothing else.

No one that you see in this video (including me) got a penny. We just gathered to have some fun. And we sure did!


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Marcio Napoli


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