Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

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Re: What about the carts?

Yes you can with conditions carts bug with every one. Only some of them. It's all about the controller chips.

Thanks, Joe. I guess I'll have to try it out and see if the chips on my refillables will allow for swapping each one separately.


Jaakko, Holy caw I just saw my reply that made no sense whatsoever.

Let's try again. What I meant to say was the depending on the type of cart, and the type of controller chip, Some will allow you to install them one at a time and some will not.

The CONE cart chips do allow individual carts to run alongside the OEM ones.

Inkjetfly does not and you have to install them as a complete set, for example.


Hah, no problem. I got the gist of the message, although your response was admittedly a bit cryptic.

My carts are generic, no-name carts (blue sticker on the side, which reads "Inkjet cartridge"), so I am guessing that these will need to be installed as a complete set.

BTW, I recently ordered another set of cartridges and ink for my R220, as the magenta was still giving me trouble after every power-on cycle, and lo and behold, the problems seem to have disappeared with the new magenta cartridge. I also had to reprofile, although the inks were from the same supplier (the problem of cheap inks, I suppose - variation between batches).

With my limited experience on the matter, I suppose that a proper vacuum was not formed in the cart, or a proper seal wasn't formed in the ink port.


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