DSLRs are dead, long live mirrorless

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Re: DSLRs are dead, long live mirrorless

AlbertInFrance wrote:

I honestly believe that some time in the next ten years or so 'mirrorless' EVFs will be good enough to compete with 'flipping mirror' DSLRs. The actual viewfinder systems in DSLRs are pretty fully evolved by now. I can't see any likelihood of major improvements in an already mature technology. EVFs have the potential to develop a new ways to make shooting easier and/or more efficient.

In some ways EVFs are already better than OVFs. In particular, they show the world as the camera's sensor sees it, including its limited dynamic range. It's hard to estimate the total dynamic range of a scene using your eye; if getting the exposure precise is important, it's useful to be able to see clipping directly. In the future, as sensors surpass the dynamic range of the eye, EVFs will be useful for doing on-the-fly tonemapping so your frail human eye can see what the camera sees.

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