Magic lantern movie mode. What is the difference between fps and shutter speed?

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Re: Magic lantern movie mode. What is the difference between fps and shutter speed?

maisatomai wrote:

maisatomai wrote:

In the past for movie mode, I am able to set it to 1/30 shutter speed without Magic Lantern. With ML, I was able to set shutter speed to 1/25, which makes me happy as I think it will be better in low light.

I suddenly stumbled something called FPS. Can anyone explain to me isn't it the same as shutter speed? What is a reasonable FPS I can set so that I can still get reasonable quality video?

Will lowering FPS make the video look brighter, holding all constant?

Also, I am using a 150-500mm which has max aperture 6.3 @ 500mm. I was surprised ML can let me set 6.1 for aperture

I used up my 2 times edit so have to start this reply. Also, may I know what is the lowest FPS I can go for normal human movement.

For movie theatres, the normal frame rate is 24. This is the minimum value one can go and have the video look fluid. Frames per second as it relates to video is different than shutter rate. Not sure how a camera movie mode works, but for a true video camera, at 30 frames per second, it actually scans the image twice for each frame. First, the odd numbered row of sensors is scanned, then the sensor is turned off, (called blanking) the the even numbered rows of sensors is scanned. The the two images as 'interlaced' to form one 'frame'. (This is why some television specs will quote non-interlaced, which results in less flickering). I believe a camera sensor works the same, that is, 2:1 ratio of scans per frame.

Bit confusing maybe, but long story short, frames per second on a camera will be the same as 'shutter speed', which is most likely why ML is using the 1/25, which is one frame above movie theatre frame rates, (if using film, digital is typically 30 fps).

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