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Re: GH3 vs OM-D EM-5 Size

Dtech wrote:

I've owned both.

As to the size comparison, many favor the OM-D because it is smaller and that the GH3 is near DSLR size. I wanted to point out that the OM-D grip is terrible, you really can't shoot a day or even a half day without getting hand fatigue.

Maybe YOU can't shoot a day or a half day without getting hand fatigue, but I certainly can, even with a big lens like the Panasonic 100-300mm attached, carrying the camera in my hand all day, with only a wrist strap to keep it attached to me.

To improve the grip, you have to by the external battery grip. This makes the OM-D noticeable larger than the GH3.

Again, this is subjective. With 10 months of ownership and more than 13,000 shutter activations, I've never felt like I've needed a grip on my O-MD. I'll probably buy a grip at some point, but I don't feel it's necessary, and I'd prefer to spend the $300 on a new lens, at the moment. With the GH3, you don't have that choice - neither the grip nor the extra $300 in price is optional.

Let's also keep in mind that the GH3 may be the size of a small DSLR but it really doesn't compare given the fact that mirco 4/3 lens are substantially smaller and lighter then what you would normally find with a DSLR. So in the end, you are getting a noticeable smaller and lighter camera when compared to a DSLR.

This is true. One thing that I, personally, like about the E-M5 is that, sans grip and with a pancake attached, it's pocketable (in a large pocket). Throw on the grip, and you have a larger form-factor, if that's what you need. So, for the price of a GH3 body, you can purchase an E-M5 plus a $300 Olympus grip and have a single camera that is small when you want it to be and larger when (and if) you need it to be. With the GH3, you have to pay the same amount and end up with one camera that's not configurable, size-wise.

Again, for MY purposes, the E-M5 is the better choice, since it can, for the same price as the GH3, either be very small or slightly larger by adding or removing the optional grip.

For the most part I think both cameras are very comparable - high quality.

Seems a fair comparison.

The most apparent differences for me were handling (already discussed), video (GH3 wins here) and touch screen. The touch screen on the GH3 is far superior to the OM-D, in fact, I have never seen a better touch screen on a camera.

I'd be interested in hearing more about the touch screen differences. I haven't heard anyone else mention this (other than the fact that the GH3 touch screen swivels whereas the E-M5 touch screen tilts).


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