Dumb Upgrade Idea? 7D to 1D MkIV

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Re: Dumb Upgrade Idea? 7D to 1D MkIV

Its a good chunk of change to purchase the 1DIV, but, it is significantly better than the 7D in many ways. Waiting forever for the yet to be announced 7DII just doesn't seem like a smart move unless Canon announces it while I'm typing this. If the 7DII shows up sometime soon, you may have some buyers remorse purchasing the 1DIV as my expectations are that ithe 7DII should exceed the 1DIV except in physical ruggedness. It had better exceed IQ and noise along with better AF and frame speed. The 7DII will be the new shiny toy with more bells.and whistles but the 1DIV will be exactly what it is today. Purchasing the 1DIV is not a bad decision but you must accept that there will likely be a new kid on the block which might make you regret the purchase when it is finally announced (if ever).

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