Just a Pity what our craft has become........

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Re: Just a Pity what our craft has become........

wfektar wrote:

Same old story. The most important drivers in this game have always been cost and convenience, not image quality. So it went from the huge glass plates Matthew Brady dragged around to 8x10 to press cameras to roll film to 35mm. Now APS-C outnumber "full frame", tiny chips in P&Ss and increasingly phones and tablets far outnumber APS-C, and medium format digital is tiny in numbers and stratospheric in price.

IQ-wise, those 100+ year old 8x10 negs can still deliver results that are amazing today and with a modern sensor would be flabbergasting, but your Canikonytax can get off 100+ frames before you've set up the tripod for the old camera. And your phone cam can be taking photos or video before you've gotten the DSLR out of the bag -- assuming, that is, you have the big camera with you. And when you're not taking photos, you can be making phone calls, checking traffic, making reservations, and a host of other things.

Besides, who really cares what other people are using. If it works for them, good for them. They're not asking us to do the same.

In my mind, the drivers are friends and relatives with whom they'll be sharing the photos. These people are not out to do much else with them. Of course some of them will post on Flickr where they'll get a lot of uncritical raves by people who hope they will in turn rave about their efforts!

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