DSLRs are dead, long live mirrorless

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Re: Long live DSLR!

Mjankor wrote:

Kuivaamo wrote:

Alleg1 wrote:

A straightforward answer from my point of view, is that mirrorless cameras are part of what seems to be an obsession with having the smallest possible cameras.

I've wondered a bit about this myself, could this be attributed to the declining physical constitution among the general population? Would current-day photographers collapse under the weight of an 8x10" view camera + Berlebach tripod?

(Please don't take what I wrote too seriously.)

Does that mean that the purpose of buying a DSLR is therefore to prove you're a "manly man"? Some sort of symbol of masculinity? compensation?

That would be a fail. Unless you handhold a Sigma 200-500mm or something...

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